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SSH-KEYSIGN(8)         BSD System Manager's Manual        SSH-KEYSIGN(8)

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     ssh-keysign — OpenSSH helper for host-based authentication

SYNOPSIS         top


DESCRIPTION         top

     ssh-keysign is used by ssh(1) to access the local host keys and
     generate the digital signature required during host-based

     ssh-keysign is disabled by default and can only be enabled in the
     global client configuration file /etc/ssh/ssh_config by setting
     EnableSSHKeysign to “yes”.

     ssh-keysign is not intended to be invoked by the user, but from
     ssh(1).  See ssh(1) and sshd(8) for more information about host-
     based authentication.

FILES         top

             Controls whether ssh-keysign is enabled.

             These files contain the private parts of the host keys used
             to generate the digital signature.  They should be owned by
             root, readable only by root, and not accessible to others.
             Since they are readable only by root, ssh-keysign must be
             set-uid root if host-based authentication is used.

             If these files exist, they are assumed to contain public
             certificate information corresponding with the private keys

SEE ALSO         top

     ssh(1), ssh-keygen(1), ssh_config(5), sshd(8)

HISTORY         top

     ssh-keysign first appeared in OpenBSD 3.2.

AUTHORS         top

     Markus Friedl <>

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