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SRP-ENTRY(8)             System Manager's Manual            SRP-ENTRY(8)

NAME         top

       srp-entry - Generate a SRP-SHA1 Server Entry

SYNOPSIS         top

       srp-entry [ -i index ] [ clientname ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       This utility generates an entry suitable for use in the
       /etc/ppp/srp-secrets file on a PPP EAP SRP-SHA1 authenticator
       ("server").  This file has the same basic layout as the other
       pppd(8) authentication files, /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and
       /etc/ppp/chap-secrets.  Thus, the entry generated has at least
       four main fields separated by spaces.  The first field is the
       authenticatee ("client") name.  The second is the server name.
       The third is the secret.  The fourth is the allowed (or assigned)
       IP address for the client, and defaults to "*".  Additional
       fields can contain additional IP addresses or pppd options; see
       pppd(8) for details.

       The third field has three subfields, separated by colons.  The
       first subfield is the index of the modulus and generator from
       SRP's /etc/tpasswd.conf.  The special value 0 is used to
       represent the well-known modulus and generator specified in the
       EAP SRP-SHA1 draft.  The second subfield is the password
       validator.  The third is the password salt.  These latter two
       values are encoded in base64 notation.

OPTIONS         top

       -i <index>
              Specifies the modulus/generator index in
              /etc/tpasswd.conf.  In order to use this option, you will
              need to run the "tconf" utility from the SRP package to
              generate local entries for this file.  Note that if these
              values are not known to the client, the client will be
              forced to run time-consuming safety tests on the values
              used.  For this reason, using the well-known values is

              Specifies the client name.  The password validator is a
              hashed combination of the client's name and password, and
              both are required.  If the client name is not supplied on
              the command line, srp-entry will prompt for the client
              name first.

FILES         top

              Usernames, passwords and IP addresses for SRP
              authentication.  This file should be owned by root and not
              readable or writable by any other user.  Pppd will log a
              warning if this is not the case.  Note that srp-entry does
              not write to this file.  The user is responsible for
              copying the output of srp-entry into this file.

              Indexed copies of tested modulus/generator combinations;
              part of the SRP package.

SEE ALSO         top


              Blunk, L., Vollbrecht, J., PPP Extensible Authentication
              Protocol (EAP).  March 1998.

              Carlson, J., et al., EAP SRP-SHA1 Authentication Protocol.
              July 2001.

              Wu, T., The SRP Authentication and Key Exchange System
              September 2000.

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       James Carlson (

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