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SENDMAIL(8)            BSD System Manager's Manual           SENDMAIL(8)

NAME         top

     sendmail — a mail enqueuer for smtpd(8)

SYNOPSIS         top

     sendmail [-tv] [-F name] [-f from] to ...

DESCRIPTION         top

     The sendmail utility is a local enqueuer for the smtpd(8) daemon,
     compatible with mailwrapper(8).  The message is read on standard
     input (stdin) until sendmail encounters an end-of-file.  The
     sendmail enqueuer is not intended to be used directly to send mail,
     but rather via a frontend known as a mail user agent.

     Unless the optional -t flag is specified, one or more recipients
     must be specified on the command line.

     The options are as follows:

     -F name
             Set the sender's full name.

     -f from
             Set the sender's address.

     -t      Read the message's To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields for
             recipients.  The Bcc: field will be deleted before sending.

     -v      Enable verbose output.

     To maintain compatibility with Sendmail, Inc.'s implementation of
     sendmail, various other flags are accepted, but have no effect.

EXIT STATUS         top

     The sendmail utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

SEE ALSO         top

     smtpctl(8), smtpd(8)

AUTHORS         top

     OpenSMTPD is primarily developed by Gilles Chehade, Eric Faurot,
     and Charles Longeau, with contributions from various OpenBSD
     hackers.  It is distributed under the ISC license.

     This manpage was written by Ryan Kavanagh ⟨⟩ for the
     Debian project and is distributed under the ISC license.

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     This page is part of the OpenSMTPD (a FREE implementation of the
     server-side SMTP protocol) project.  Information about the project
     can be found at  If you have a bug
     report for this manual page, see
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     obtained from the project's upstream Git repository
     ⟨⟩ on 2021-08-27.  (At
     that time, the date of the most recent commit that was found in the
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