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NAME         top

       sefcontext_compile - compile file context regular expression

SYNOPSIS         top

       sefcontext_compile [-o outputfile] [-p policyfile] inputfile

DESCRIPTION         top

       sefcontext_compile is used to compile file context regular
       expressions into pcre(3) format.

       The compiled file is used by libselinux file labeling functions.

       By default sefcontext_compile writes the compiled pcre file with
       the .bin suffix appended (e.g. inputfile.bin).

OPTIONS         top

       -o     Specify an outputfile that must be a fully qualified file
              name as the .bin suffix is not automatically added.

       -p     Specify a binary policyfile that will be used to validate
              the context entries in the inputfile
              If an invalid context is found the pcre formatted file
              will not be written and an error will be returned.

RETURN VALUE         top

       On error -1 is returned.  On success 0 is returned.

EXAMPLES         top

       Example 1:

       Results in the following file being generated:

       Example 2:
       sefcontext_compile -o new_fc.bin

       Results in the following file being generated in the cwd:

AUTHOR         top

       Dan Walsh, <>

SEE ALSO         top

       selinux(8), semanage(8),

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