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RPM-UNSHARE(8)                                            RPM-UNSHARE(8)

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       rpm-plugin-unshare - Unshare plugin for the RPM Package Manager

Description         top

       This plugin allows using various Linux-specific namespace-related
       technologies inside transactions, such as to harden and limit
       scriptlet access to resources.

Configuration         top

       This plugin implements the following configurables:

              A colon-separated list of paths to privately mount during
              scriptlet execution.  Typical examples would be /tmp to
              protect against insecure temporary file usage inside
              scriptlets, and /home to prevent scriptlets from accessing
              user home directories.

              Non-zero value disables network access during scriptlet

       See rpm-plugins(8) on how to control plugins in general.

SEE ALSO         top

       dbus-monitor(1), rpm-plugins(8)

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                               15 Sep 2023                RPM-UNSHARE(8)