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QUOT(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   QUOT(8)

NAME         top

       quot - summarize filesystem ownership

SYNOPSIS         top

       quot [ -acfguvi ] [ filesystem... ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       quot displays the number of kilobytes in the named filesystem
       currently owned by each user or group. Note that this utility
       currently works only for XFS.

OPTIONS         top

       -a     Generate a report for all mounted filesystems giving the
              number of kilobytes used by each user or group.

       -c     Display three columns giving file size in kilobytes, number of
              files of that size, and cumulative total of kilobytes in that
              size or smaller file.  The last row is used as an overflow
              bucket and is the total of all files greater than 500

       -f     Display count of kilobytes and number of files owned by each
              user or group.

       -g     Report on groups.

       -u     Report on users (the default).

       -v     Display three columns containing the number of kilobytes not
              accessed in the last 30, 60, and 90 days.

       -i     Ignore mountpoints mounted by automounter.

       -T     Avoid truncation of user names longer than 8 characters.

       -q     Do not sort the output.

FILES         top

       /etc/mtab           mounted filesystem table
       /etc/passwd         default set of users
       /etc/group          default set of groups

SEE ALSO         top

       du(1), ls(1).

BUGS         top

       Currently, only the XFS filesystem type is supported.

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