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PAM_ACCESS(8)                 Linux-PAM Manual                 PAM_ACCESS(8)

NAME         top

       pam_access - PAM module for logdaemon style login access control

SYNOPSIS         top [debug] [nodefgroup] [noaudit] [accessfile=file]
                     [fieldsep=sep] [listsep=sep]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The pam_access PAM module is mainly for access management. It
       provides logdaemon style login access control based on login names,
       host or domain names, internet addresses or network numbers, or on
       terminal line names, X $DISPLAY values, or PAM service names in case
       of non-networked logins.

       By default rules for access management are taken from config file
       /etc/security/access.conf if you don't specify another file.

       If Linux PAM is compiled with audit support the module will report
       when it denies access based on origin (host, tty, etc.).

OPTIONS         top

           Indicate an alternative access.conf style configuration file to
           override the default. This can be useful when different services
           need different access lists.

           A lot of debug information is printed with syslog(3).

           Do not report logins from disallowed hosts and ttys to the audit

           This option modifies the field separator character that
           pam_access will recognize when parsing the access configuration
           file. For example: fieldsep=| will cause the default `:'
           character to be treated as part of a field value and `|' becomes
           the field separator. Doing this may be useful in conjunction with
           a system that wants to use pam_access with X based applications,
           since the PAM_TTY item is likely to be of the form "hostname:0"
           which includes a `:' character in its value. But you should not
           need this.

           This option modifies the list separator character that pam_access
           will recognize when parsing the access configuration file. For
           example: listsep=, will cause the default ` ' (space) and `\t'
           (tab) characters to be treated as part of a list element value
           and `,' becomes the only list element separator. Doing this may
           be useful on a system with group information obtained from a
           Windows domain, where the default built-in groups "Domain Users",
           "Domain Admins" contain a space.

           User tokens which are not enclosed in parentheses will not be
           matched against the group database. The backwards compatible
           default is to try the group database match even for tokens not
           enclosed in parentheses.


       All module types (auth, account, password and session) are provided.

RETURN VALUES         top

           Access was granted.

           Access was not granted.

           pam_setcred was called which does nothing.

           Not all relevant data or options could be gotten.

           The user is not known to the system.

FILES         top

           Default configuration file

SEE ALSO         top

       access.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8).

AUTHORS         top

       The logdaemon style login access control scheme was designed and
       implemented by Wietse Venema. The pam_access PAM module was developed
       by Alexei Nogin <>. The IPv6 support and the
       network(address) / netmask feature was developed and provided by Mike
       Becher <>.

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