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nfsiostat(8)             System Manager's Manual            nfsiostat(8)

NAME         top

       nfsiostat - Emulate iostat for NFS mount points using

SYNOPSIS         top

       nfsiostat [[<interval>] [<count>]] [<options>][<mount_point>]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The nfsiostat command displays NFS client per-mount statisitics.

              specifies the amount of time in seconds between each
              report.  The first report contains statistics for the time
              since each file system was mounted.  Each subsequent
              report contains statistics collected during the interval
              since the previous report.

              If the <count> parameter is specified, the value of
              <count> determines the number of reports generated at
              <interval> seconds apart. if the interval parameter is
              specified without the <count> parameter, the command
              generates reports continuously.

              Define below

              If one or more <mount point> names are specified,
              statistics for only these mount points will be displayed.
              Otherwise, all NFS mount points on the client are listed.

       The meaning of each column of nfsiostat's output is the
               - op/s
                      This is the number of operations per second.
               - rpc bklog
                      This is the length of the backlog queue.
               - kB/s
                      This is the number of kB written/read per second.
               - kB/op
                      This is the number of kB written/read per each
               - retrans
                      This is the number of retransmissions.
               - avg RTT (ms)
                      This is the duration from the time that client's
                      kernel sends the RPC request until the time it
                      receives the reply.
               - avg exe (ms)
                      This is the duration from the time that NFS client
                      does the RPC request to its kernel until the RPC
                      request is completed, this includes the RTT time
               - avg queue (ms)
                      This is the duration from the time the NFS client
                      created the RPC request task to the time the
                      request is transmitted.
               - errors
                      This is the number of operations that completed
                      with an error status (status < 0).  This count is
                      only available on kernels with RPC iostats version
                      1.1 or above.

       Note that if an interval is used as argument to nfsiostat, then
       the diffrence from previous interval will be displayed, otherwise
       the results will be from the time that the share was mounted.

OPTIONS         top

       -a  or  --attr
              displays statistics related to the attribute cache

       -d  or  --dir
              displays statistics related to directory operations

       -h  or  --help
              shows help message and exit

       -l LIST or  --list=LIST
              only print stats for first LIST mount points

       -p  or  --page
              displays statistics related to the page cache

       -s  or  --sort
              Sort NFS mount points by ops/second

              show program's version number and exit

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SEE ALSO         top

       iostat(8), mountstats(8), nfsstat(8)

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       Chuck Lever <>

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