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IP-NETCONF(8)                     Linux                    IP-NETCONF(8)

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       ip-netconf - network configuration monitoring

SYNOPSIS         top

       ip  [ ip-OPTIONS ] netconf show [ dev NAME ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       The ip netconf utility can monitor IPv4 and IPv6 parameters (see
       /proc/sys/net/ipv[4|6]/conf/[all|DEV]/) like forwarding,
       rp_filter, proxy_neigh, ignore_routes_with_linkdown or
       mc_forwarding status.

       If no interface is specified, the entry all is displayed.

   ip netconf show - display network parameters
       dev NAME
              the name of the device to display network parameters for.

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       Original Manpage by Nicolas Dichtel <nicolas.dichtel@6wind.com>

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