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FSCK.CRAMFS(8)            System Administration           FSCK.CRAMFS(8)

NAME         top

       fsck.cramfs - fsck compressed ROM file system

SYNOPSIS         top

       fsck.cramfs [options] file

DESCRIPTION         top

       fsck.cramfs is used to check the cramfs file system.

OPTIONS         top

       -v, --verbose
              Enable verbose messaging.

       -b, --blocksize blocksize
              Use this blocksize, defaults to page size. Must be equal
              to what was set at creation time. Only used for --extract.

              Test to uncompress the whole file system. Optionally
              extract contents of the file to directory.

       -a     This option is silently ignored.

       -y     This option is silently ignored.

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

EXIT STATUS         top

              0      success
              4      file system was left uncorrected
              8      operation error, such as unable to allocate memory
              16     usage information was printed

SEE ALSO         top

       mount(8), mkfs.cramfs(8)

AVAILABILITY         top

       The fsck.cramfs command is part of the util-linux package and is
       available from Linux Kernel Archive 

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util-linux                     April 2013                 FSCK.CRAMFS(8)

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