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DUMPE2FS(8)                System Manager's Manual               DUMPE2FS(8)

NAME         top

       dumpe2fs - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information

SYNOPSIS         top

       dumpe2fs [ -bfghixV ] [ -o superblock=superblock ] [ -o
       blocksize=blocksize ] device

DESCRIPTION         top

       dumpe2fs prints the super block and blocks group information for the
       filesystem present on device.

       Note: When used with a mounted filesystem, the printed information
       may be old or inconsistent.

OPTIONS         top

       -b     print the blocks which are reserved as bad in the filesystem.

       -o superblock=superblock
              use the block superblock when examining the filesystem.  This
              option is not usually needed except by a filesystem wizard who
              is examining the remains of a very badly corrupted filesystem.

       -o blocksize=blocksize
              use blocks of blocksize bytes when examining the filesystem.
              This option is not usually needed except by a filesystem
              wizard who is examining the remains of a very badly corrupted

       -f     force dumpe2fs to display a filesystem even though it may have
              some filesystem feature flags which dumpe2fs may not
              understand (and which can cause some of dumpe2fs's display to
              be suspect).

       -g     display the group descriptor information in a machine readable
              colon-separated value format.  The fields displayed are the
              group number; the number of the first block in the group; the
              superblock location (or -1 if not present); the range of
              blocks used by the group descriptors (or -1 if not present);
              the block bitmap location; the inode bitmap location; and the
              range of blocks used by the inode table.

       -h     only display the superblock information and not any of the
              block group descriptor detail information.

       -i     display the filesystem data from an image file created by
              e2image, using device as the pathname to the image file.

       -m     If the mmp feature is enabled on the filesystem, check if
              device is in use by another node, see e2mmpstatus(8) for full
              details.  If used together with the -i option, only the MMP
              block information is printed.

       -x     print the detailed group information block numbers in
              hexadecimal format

       -V     print the version number of dumpe2fs and exit.

EXIT CODE         top

       dumpe2fs exits with a return code of 0 if the operation completed
       without errors.  It will exit with a non-zero return code if there
       are any errors, such as problems reading a valid superblock, bad
       checksums, or if the device is in use by another node and -m is

BUGS         top

       You may need to know the physical filesystem structure to understand
       the output.

AUTHOR         top

       dumpe2fs was written by Remy Card <Remy.Card@linux.org>.  It is
       currently being maintained by Theodore Ts'o <tytso@alum.mit.edu>.

AVAILABILITY         top

       dumpe2fs is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from

SEE ALSO         top

       e2fsck(8), e2mmpstatus(8), mke2fs(8), tune2fs(8).  ext4(5)

COLOPHON         top

       This page is part of the e2fsprogs (utilities for ext2/3/4
       filesystems) project.  Information about the project can be found at
       ⟨http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net/⟩.  It is not known how to report
       bugs for this man page; if you know, please send a mail to
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       upstream Git repository
       ⟨git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/ext2/e2fsprogs.git⟩ on 2020-09-18.
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       the repository was 2020-03-21.)  If you discover any rendering prob‐
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E2fsprogs version 1.46-WIP       March 2020                      DUMPE2FS(8)

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