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CRYPTSETUP-SSH(8)         Maintenance Commands         CRYPTSETUP-SSH(8)

NAME         top

       cryptsetup-ssh - manage LUKS2 SSH token

SYNOPSIS         top

       cryptsetup-ssh <options> <action> <action args>

DESCRIPTION         top

       Experimental cryptsetup plugin for unlocking LUKS2 devices with
       token connected to an SSH server.

       This plugin currently allows only adding a token to an existing
       key slot, see cryptsetup(8) for instruction on how to remove,
       import or export the token.

   Add operation
       add <options> <device>

              Adds the SSH token to <device>.

              Specified SSH server must contain a key file on the
              specified path with a passphrase for an existing key slot
              on the device.  Provided credentials will be used by
              cryptsetup to get the password when opening the device
              using the token.

              --ssh-server, --ssh-user, --ssh-keypath and --ssh-path are
              required for this operation.

              Keyslot to assign the token to. If not specified, the
              token will be assigned to the first key slot matching
              provided passphrase.

              Path to the SSH key for connecting to the remote server.

              Path to the key file on the remote server.

              IP address/URL of the remote server for this token.

              Username used for the remote server.

OPTIONS         top

              Show debug messages

              Show debug messages including JSON metadata

       -v, --verbose
              Shows more detailed error messages

       -?, --help
              Show help

       -V, --version
              Print program version

NOTES         top

       The information provided when adding the token (SSH server
       address, user and paths) will be stored in the LUKS2 header in

REPORTING BUGS         top

       Report bugs, including ones in the documentation, on the
       cryptsetup mailing list at <> or in the 'Issues'
       section on LUKS website.  Please attach the output of the failed
       command with the --debug option added.

COPYRIGHT         top

       Copyright © 2016-2021 Red Hat, Inc.
       Copyright © 2016-2021 Milan Broz
       Copyright © 2021 Vojtech Trefny

       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
       There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR

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       The project website at 

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