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sestatus.conf(5)         sestatus configuration file        sestatus.conf(5)

NAME         top

       sestatus.conf - The sestatus(8) configuration file.

DESCRIPTION         top

       The sestatus.conf file is used by the sestatus(8) command with the -v
       option to determine what file and process security contexts should be

       The fully qualified path name of the configuration file is:

       The file consists of two optional sections as described in the FILE
       FORMAT section. Whether these exist or not, the following will always
       be displayed:
              The current process context
              The init process context
              The controlling terminal file context

FILE FORMAT         top

       The format consists of two optional sections as follows:


                     The start of the file list block.
                     One or more fully qualified file names, each on a new
                     line will that will have its context displayed. If the
                     file does not exist, then it is ignored. If the file is
                     a symbolic link, then sestatus -v will also display the
                     target file context.

                     The start of the process list block.
                     One or more fully qualified executable file names that
                     should it be an active process, have its context
                     displayed. Each entry is on a new line.

EXAMPLE         top

       # /etc/sestatus.conf


SEE ALSO         top

       selinux(8), sestatus(8)

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