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SEPERMIT.CONF(5)              Linux-PAM Manual              SEPERMIT.CONF(5)

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       sepermit.conf - configuration file for the pam_sepermit module

DESCRIPTION         top

       The lines of the configuration file have the following syntax:


       The user can be specified in the following manner:

       ·   a username

       ·   a groupname, with @group syntax. This should not be confused with

       ·   a SELinux user name with %seuser syntax.

       The recognized options are:

           Only single login session will be allowed for the user and the
           user's processes will be killed on logout.

           The module will never return PAM_SUCCESS status for the user. It
           will return PAM_IGNORE if SELinux is in the enforcing mode, and
           PAM_AUTH_ERR otherwise. It is useful if you want to support
           passwordless guest users and other confined users with passwords

       The lines which start with # character are comments and are ignored.

EXAMPLES         top

       These are some example lines which might be specified in


SEE ALSO         top

       pam_sepermit(8), pam.d(5), pam(8), selinux(8),

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       pam_sepermit and this manual page were written by Tomas Mraz

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