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PWHISTORY.CONF(5)           Linux-PAM Manual           PWHISTORY.CONF(5)

NAME         top

       pwhistory.conf - pam_pwhistory configuration file

DESCRIPTION         top

       pwhistory.conf provides a way to configure the default settings
       for saving the last passwords for each user. This file is read by
       the pam_pwhistory module and is the preferred method over
       configuring pam_pwhistory directly.

       The file has a very simple name = value format with possible
       comments starting with # character. The whitespace at the
       beginning of line, end of line, and around the = sign is ignored.

OPTIONS         top

           Turns on debugging via syslog(3).

           If this option is set, the check is enforced for root, too.

           The last N passwords for each user are saved. The default is
           10. Value of 0 makes the module to keep the existing contents
           of the opasswd file unchanged.

           Prompt user at most N times before returning with error. The
           default is 1.

           Store password history in file /path/filename rather than the
           default location. The default location is

EXAMPLES         top

       /etc/security/pwhistory.conf file example:


FILES         top

           the config file for custom options

SEE ALSO         top

       pwhistory(8), pam_pwhistory(8), pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8)

AUTHOR         top

       pam_pwhistory was written by Thorsten Kukuk. The support for
       pwhistory.conf was written by Iker Pedrosa.

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