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       ftpusers - list of users that may not log in via the FTP daemon

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       The text file ftpusers contains a list of users that may not log
       in using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server daemon.  This
       file is used not merely for system administration purposes but
       also for improving security within a TCP/IP networked

       The ftpusers file will typically contain a list of the users that
       either have no business using ftp or have too many privileges to
       be allowed to log in through the FTP server daemon.  Such users
       usually include root, daemon, bin, uucp, and news.

       If your FTP server daemon doesn't use ftpusers, then it is
       suggested that you read its documentation to find out how to
       block access for certain users.  Washington University FTP server
       Daemon (wuftpd) and Professional FTP Daemon (proftpd) are known
       to make use of ftpusers.

       The format of ftpusers is very simple.  There is one account name
       (or username) per line.  Lines starting with a # are ignored.

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       passwd(5), proftpd(8), wuftpd(8)

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