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       deb-shlibs - Debian shared library information file

DESCRIPTION         top

       shlibs files map shared library names and versions (sonames) to
       dependencies suitable for a package control file.  There is one entry
       per line. Blank lines are not allowed.  Lines beginning with an #
       character are considered commentary, and are ignored.  All other
       lines must have the format

              [type:] library version dependencies

       The library and version fields are whitespace-delimited, but the
       dependencies field extends to the end of the line.  The type field is
       optional and normally not needed.

       The dependencies field has the same syntax as the Depends field in a
       binary control file, see deb-control(5).

EXAMPLES         top

       The shlibs file for a typical library package, named libcrunch1, that
       provides one library whose soname is, might read

              libcrunch 1 libcrunch1 (>= 1.2-1)

       The dependencies must mention the most recent version of the package
       that added new symbols to the library: in the above example, new
       symbols were added to version 1.2 of libcrunch.  This is not the only
       reason the dependencies might need to be tightened.

SEE ALSO         top

       deb-control(5), dpkg-shlibdeps(1), deb-symbols(5).

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