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UMAD_SET_ADDR_NET(3)     OpenIB Programmer's Manual     UMAD_SET_ADDR_NET(3)

NAME         top

       umad_set_addr_net  -  set MAD address fields within umad buffer using
       network ordering

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <infiniband/umad.h>

       int umad_set_addr_net(void *umad, __be16 dlid, __be32 dqp, int sl, __be32 qkey);

DESCRIPTION         top

       umad_set_addr_net() sets the MAD address fields within the specified
       umad buffer using the provided network ordered fields.  dlid is the
       destination LID.  dqp is the destination QP (queue pair).  sl is the
       SL (service level).  qkey is the Q_Key (queue key).

RETURN VALUE         top

       umad_set_addr_net() returns 0 on success, and a negative value on
       errors. Currently, there are no errors indicated.

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AUTHOR         top

       Hal Rosenstock <>

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OpenIB                          May 21, 2007            UMAD_SET_ADDR_NET(3)

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