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TRACELOG(3)                   LTTng Manual                   TRACELOG(3)

NAME         top

       tracelog - LTTng-UST printf(3)-like interface with a log level

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <lttng/tracelog.h>

       #define tracelog(level, fmt, ...)

       Link with -llttng-ust -llttng-ust-common.

DESCRIPTION         top

       The tracelog() macro is part of version 0 of the LTTng-UST API
       (see the “Compatibility with previous APIs” section of

       Prefer using lttng_ust_tracelog(3) which is part of version 1 of
       the API and has the lttng_ust_ namespace.

BUGS         top

       If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it
       on the LTTng bug tracker <

RESOURCES         top

       •   LTTng project website <>

       •   LTTng documentation <>

       •   Git repositories <>

       •   GitHub organization <>

       •   Continuous integration <>

       •   Mailing list <> for support and

       •   IRC channel <irc://>: #lttng on

COPYRIGHTS         top

       This macro is part of the LTTng-UST project.

       This macro is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public
       License, version 2.1 <
       licenses/lgpl-2.1.en.html>. See the COPYING
       <> file for
       more details.

THANKS         top

       Thanks to Ericsson for funding this work, providing real-life use
       cases, and testing.

       Special thanks to Michel Dagenais and the DORSAL laboratory
       <> at École Polytechnique de
       Montréal for the LTTng journey.

AUTHORS         top

       LTTng-UST was originally written by Mathieu Desnoyers, with
       additional contributions from various other people. It is
       currently maintained by Mathieu Desnoyers

SEE ALSO         top

       lttng_ust_tracelog(3), lttng_ust_vtracelog(3)

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       This page is part of the LTTng-UST (LTTng Userspace Tracer)
       project.  Information about the project can be found at 
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