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RDMA_SET_OPTION(3)      Librdmacm Programmer's Manual     RDMA_SET_OPTION(3)

NAME         top

       rdma_set_option - Set communication options for an rdma_cm_id.

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <rdma/rdma_cma.h>

       int rdma_set_option (struct rdma_cm_id *id, int level, int optname,
       void *optval, size_t optlen);

ARGUMENTS         top

       id          RDMA identifier.

       level       Protocol level of the option to set.

       optname     Name of the option, relative to the level, to set.

       optval      Reference to the option data.  The data is dependent on
                   the level and optname.

       optlen      The size of the %optval buffer.

DESCRIPTION         top

       Sets communication options for an rdma_cm_id.  This call is used to
       override the default system settings.

       optname can be one of

                   Specify the quality of service provided by a connection.
                   The expected optlen is size of uint8_t.

                   Bound the rdma_cm_id to a reuseable address. This will
                   allow other users to bind to that same address.  The
                   expected optlen is size of int.

                   Set IPV6_V6ONLY socket.  The expected optlen is size of

                   Set IB path record data.  The expected optlen is size of
                   struct ibv_path_data[].

                   Set QP ACK timeout.  The value calculated according to
                   the formula 4.096 * 2^(ack_timeout) usec.

RETURN VALUE         top

       Returns 0 on success, or -1 on error.  If an error occurs, errno will
       be set to indicate the failure reason.

NOTES         top

       Option details may be found in the relevant header files.

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librdmacm                        2007-08-06               RDMA_SET_OPTION(3)

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