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PCAP_OPEN_DEAD(3PCAP)                                  PCAP_OPEN_DEAD(3PCAP)

NAME         top

       pcap_open_dead,  pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision  -  open a fake
       pcap_t for compiling filters or opening a capture for output

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       pcap_t *pcap_open_dead(int linktype, int snaplen);
       pcap_t *pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision(int linktype, int snaplen,
           u_int precision);

DESCRIPTION         top

       pcap_open_dead() and pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision() are used
       for creating a pcap_t structure to use when calling the other
       functions in libpcap.  It is typically used when just using libpcap
       for compiling BPF code; it can also be used if using
       pcap_dump_open(3PCAP), pcap_dump(3PCAP), and pcap_dump_close(3PCAP)
       to write a savefile if there is no pcap_t that supplies the packets
       to be written.

       linktype specifies the link-layer type for the pcap_t.

       snaplen specifies the snapshot length for the pcap_t.

       When pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision(), is used to create a
       pcap_t for use with pcap_dump_open(), precision specifies the time
       stamp precision for packets; PCAP_TSTAMP_PRECISION_MICRO should be
       specified if the packets to be written have time stamps in seconds
       and microseconds, and PCAP_TSTAMP_PRECISION_NANO should be specified
       if the packets to be written have time stamps in seconds and
       nanoseconds.  Its value does not affect pcap_compile(3PCAP).

SEE ALSO         top

       pcap(3PCAP), pcap-linktype(7)

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                               3 January 2014          PCAP_OPEN_DEAD(3PCAP)