NAME         top

       ibv_create_comp_channel, ibv_destroy_comp_channel - create or destroy
       a completion event channel

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <infiniband/verbs.h>

       struct ibv_comp_channel *ibv_create_comp_channel(struct ibv_context

       int ibv_destroy_comp_channel(struct ibv_comp_channel *channel);

DESCRIPTION         top

       ibv_create_comp_channel() creates a completion event channel for the
       RDMA device context context.

       ibv_destroy_comp_channel() destroys the completion event channel

RETURN VALUE         top

       ibv_create_comp_channel() returns a pointer to the created completion
       event channel, or NULL if the request fails.

       ibv_destroy_comp_channel() returns 0 on success, or the value of
       errno on failure (which indicates the failure reason).

NOTES         top

       A "completion channel" is an abstraction introduced by libibverbs
       that does not exist in the InfiniBand Architecture verbs
       specification or RDMA Protocol Verbs Specification.  A completion
       channel is essentially file descriptor that is used to deliver
       completion notifications to a userspace process.  When a completion
       event is generated for a completion queue (CQ), the event is
       delivered via the completion channel attached to that CQ.  This may
       be useful to steer completion events to different threads by using
       multiple completion channels.

       ibv_destroy_comp_channel() fails if any CQs are still associated with
       the completion event channel being destroyed.

SEE ALSO         top

       ibv_open_device(3), ibv_create_cq(3), ibv_get_cq_event(3)

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       Dotan Barak <>

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libibverbs                       2006-10-31       IBV_CREATE_COMP_CHANNEL(3)

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