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CAPNG_GET_ROOTID(3)           Libcap-ng API          CAPNG_GET_ROOTID(3)

NAME         top

       capng_get_rootid - get namespace root id

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <cap-ng.h>

       int capng_get_rootid(void);

DESCRIPTION         top

       capng_get_rootid gets the rootid for capabilities operations.
       This is only applicable for file system operations.

RETURN VALUE         top

       If the file is in the init namespace or the kernel does not
       support V3 file system capabilities, it returns
       CAPNG_UNSET_ROOTID. Otherwise it return an integer for the
       namespace root id.

SEE ALSO         top

       capng_get_caps_fd(3), capabilities(7)

AUTHOR         top

       Steve Grubb

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