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wrudf(1)                 General Commands Manual                wrudf(1)

NAME         top

       wrudf - Maintain a UDF filesystem.

SYNOPSIS         top

       wrudf device
       wrudf --help | -help | -h

DESCRIPTION         top

       wrudf provides an interactive shell with operations on existing
       UDF filesystem: cp, rm, mkdir, rmdir, ls, cd.

       cp     copy

       rm     remove

       mkdir  make directory

       rmdir  remove directory

       lsc    list files (Compact disc version)

       lsh    list files (Hard disc version)

       cdc    change working directory (Compact disc)

       cdh    change working directory (Hard disc)

       quit   quit wrudf

       exit   quit wrudf

AVAILABILITY         top

       wrudf is part of the udftools package and is available from

SEE ALSO         top

       cdrwtool(1), mkudffs(8), pktsetup(8)

COLOPHON         top

       This page is part of the udftools (Linux tools for UDF
       filesystems and DVD/CD-R(W) drives) project.  Information about
       the project can be found at ⟨https://github.com/pali/udftools⟩.
       If you have a bug report for this manual page, see
       ⟨https://github.com/pali/udftools/issues⟩.  This page was
       obtained from the project's upstream Git repository
       ⟨https://github.com/pali/udftools.git⟩ on 2023-06-23.  (At that
       time, the date of the most recent commit that was found in the
       repository was 2021-12-09.)  If you discover any rendering
       problems in this HTML version of the page, or you believe there
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