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UUIDPARSE(1)                  User Commands                 UUIDPARSE(1)

NAME         top

       uuidparse - a utility to parse unique identifiers

SYNOPSIS         top

       uuidparse [options] uuid

DESCRIPTION         top

       This command will parse unique identifier inputs from either
       command line arguments or standard input.  The inputs are white-
       space separated.

OUTPUT         top

       NCS         Network Computing System identifier.  These were the
                   original UUIDs.
       DCE         The Open Software Foundation's (OSF) Distributed
                   Computing Environment UUIDs.
       Microsoft   Microsoft Windows platform globally unique identifier
       other       Unknown variant.  Usually invalid input data.

       nil          Special type for zero in type file.
       time-based   The DCE time based.
       DCE          The DCE time and MAC Address.
       name-based   RFC 4122 md5sum hash.
       random       RFC 4122 random.
       sha1-based   RFC 4122 sha-1 hash.
       unknown      Unknown type.  Usually invalid input data.

OPTIONS         top

       -J, --json
              Use JSON output format.

       -n, --noheadings
              Do not print a header line.

       -o, --output
              Specify which output columns to print.  Use --help to get
              a list of all supported columns.

       -r, --raw
              Use the raw output format.

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

AUTHORS         top

       Sami Kerola ⟨kerolasa@iki.fi⟩

SEE ALSO         top

       uuidgen(1), libuuid(3), RFC 4122 

AVAILABILITY         top

       The uuidparse command is part of the util-linux package and is
       available from Linux Kernel Archive 

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