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repomanage(1)                                              repomanage(1)

NAME         top

       repomanage - list the newest or oldest RPM packages in a

SYNOPSIS         top

       repomanage [options] directory

DESCRIPTION         top

       repomanage is a program to manage a directory of RPM packages. It
       displays a list of the newest or oldest packages in a directory
       for easy piping to xargs or similar programs.

OPTIONS         top

       -h, --help
              Display a help message, and then quit.

       -o, --old
              Print the oldest packages.

       -n, --new
              Print the newest packages.

       -s, --space
              Space-separated instead of newline-separated output.

       -k KEEP, --keep=KEEP
              Newest N packages to keep - defaults to 1.

       -c, --nocheck
              Do not check package payload signatures/digests.

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       See the Authors file included with this program.

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                             13 January 2013               repomanage(1)