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NAME         top

       ppdmerge - merge ppd files (deprecated)

SYNOPSIS         top

       ppdmerge [ -o output-ppd-file ] ppd-file ppd-file [ ...  ppd-file

DESCRIPTION         top

       ppdmerge merges two or more PPD files into a single, multi-
       language PPD file.  This program is deprecated and will be
       removed in a future release of CUPS.

OPTIONS         top

       ppdmerge supports the following options:

       -o output-ppd-file
              Specifies the PPD file to create.  If not specified, the
              merged PPD file is written to the standard output.  If the
              output file already exists, it is silently overwritten.

NOTES         top

       PPD files are deprecated and will no longer be supported in a
       future feature release of CUPS.  Printers that do not support IPP
       can be supported using applications such as ippeveprinter(1).

       ppdmerge does not check whether the merged PPD files are for the
       same device.  Merging of different device PPDs will yield
       unpredictable results.

SEE ALSO         top

       ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdpo(1), ppdcfile(5), CUPS Online
       Help (http://localhost:631/help)

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       Copyright © 2007-2019 by Apple Inc.

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