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PMIESTATUS(1)              General Commands Manual             PMIESTATUS(1)

NAME         top

       pmiestatus - display information from pmie stats file

SYNOPSIS         top

       pmiestatus statsfile [...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       pmiestatus displays information used to identify a running pmie(1)
       process.  It is mostly used by pmie_check(1) and pmie_daily(1) when
       they hunt for instances of pmie to check against the control file.

FILES         top

            pmie stats files


       Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to parameterize
       the file and directory names used by PCP.  On each installation, the
       file /etc/pcp.conf contains the local values for these variables.
       The $PCP_CONF variable may be used to specify an alternative
       configuration file, as described in pcp.conf(5).

SEE ALSO         top

       pmie(1), pmie_check(1), pmie_daily(1), pcp.conf(5) and pcp.env(5).

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