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PMCD_WAIT(1)             General Commands Manual            PMCD_WAIT(1)

NAME         top

       pmcd_wait - wait for PMCD to accept client connections

SYNOPSIS         top

       $PCP_BINADM_DIR/pmcd_wait [-v?]  [-h host] [-t timeout]

DESCRIPTION         top

       pmcd_wait waits for the Performance Metrics Collector Daemon
       (PMCD) to be running and accepting client connections.

       Unless directed to another host by the -h option, pmcd_wait will
       try to contact pmcd(1) on the local host.

       pmcd_wait will timeout and abandon the attempt to connect to pmcd
       after 60 seconds.  This default timeout interval may be changed
       using the -t option, where the interval argument follows the
       syntax described in PCPIntro(1) and in the simplest form may be
       an unsigned integer (the implied units in this case are seconds).

       On successful connection to pmcd an exit status of zero is

       If an error or timeout occurs, then a non-zero exit status is
       returned as described below.

OPTIONS         top

       The available command line options are:

       -h host, --host=host
            Connect pmcd(1) on host, rather than the one on the default

       -t timeout, --interval=timeout
            Timeout after timeout seconds if not connected.  The default
            timeout value is 60 seconds.

       -v, --verbose
            This option turns the verbose mode on.  With the verbose
            mode off (which is the default), no output will be
            generated.  With verbose mode on, error messages will be
            output on stderr.

       -?, --help
            Display usage message and exit.

DIAGNOSTICS         top

       Error messages will be output to stderr only if the verbose mode
       is on.

       The following exit status codes are returned:

       0      pmcd_wait was able to successfully connect to pmcd within
              the timeout period.

       1      A usage error occurred, use -v for more details.

       2      No connection was made in the timeout interval.  This will
              happen if pmcd is running but takes too long to complete
              the client connection, or if pmcd is not running and all
              connection attempts in the timeout interval failed with
              the error ECONNREFUSED.

       3      A UNIX error occurred, use -v for more details.

       4      A PCP error occurred, use -v for more details.


       Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to
       parameterize the file and directory names used by PCP.  On each
       installation, the file /etc/pcp.conf contains the local values
       for these variables.  The $PCP_CONF variable may be used to
       specify an alternative configuration file, as described in

SEE ALSO         top

       PCPIntro(1), pmcd(1), pcp.conf(5) and pcp.env(5).

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