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OPJITCONV(1)             General Commands Manual            OPJITCONV(1)

NAME         top

       opjitconv - convert jit dump file to an ELF

SYNOPSIS         top

       opjitconv [ options ] [ [--debug | --non-root | --delete-jitdumps
       ] --session-dir=<dir> <starttime> <endtime> ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Convert a jit dump file to an ELF file

OPTIONS         top

              Print debugging information.

              Use when opjitconv was invoked by a non-root user via

              Delete jitdump files owned by the user.

       --session-dir [dir]
              Session directory where sample data is stored.

       --help / -h
              Display brief usage message.

VERSION         top

       This man page is current for oprofile-1.5.0git.

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