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MTRACE(1)                   Linux user manual                  MTRACE(1)

NAME         top

       mtrace - interpret the malloc trace log

SYNOPSIS         top

       mtrace [option]... [binary] mtracedata

DESCRIPTION         top

       mtrace is a Perl script used to interpret and provide human
       readable output of the trace log contained in the file
       mtracedata, whose contents were produced by mtrace(3).  If binary
       is provided, the output of mtrace also contains the source file
       name with line number information for problem locations (assuming
       that binary was compiled with debugging information).

       For more information about the mtrace(3) function and mtrace
       script usage, see mtrace(3).

OPTIONS         top

       --help Print help and exit.

              Print version information and exit.

BUGS         top

       For bug reporting instructions, please see: 

SEE ALSO         top

       memusage(1), mtrace(3)

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