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LESSECHO(1)              General Commands Manual             LESSECHO(1)

NAME         top

       lessecho - expand metacharacters

SYNOPSIS         top

       lessecho [-ox] [-cx] [-pn] [-dn] [-mx] [-nn] [-ex] [-a] file ...

DESCRIPTION         top

       lessecho is a program that simply echos its arguments on standard
       output.  But any metacharacter in the output is preceded by an
       "escape" character, which by default is a backslash.

OPTIONS         top

       A summary of options is included below.

       -ex    Specifies "x", rather than backslash, to be the escape
              char for metachars.  If x is "-", no escape char is used
              and arguments containing metachars are surrounded by
              quotes instead.

       -ox    Specifies "x", rather than double-quote, to be the open
              quote character, which is used if the -e- option is

       -cx    Specifies "x" to be the close quote character.

       -pn    Specifies "n" to be the open quote character, as an

       -dn    Specifies "n" to be the close quote character, as an

       -mx    Specifies "x" to be a metachar.  By default, no characters
              are considered metachars.

       -nn    Specifies "n" to be a metachar, as an integer.

       -fn    Specifies "n" to be the escape char for metachars, as an

       -a     Specifies that all arguments are to be quoted.  The
              default is that only arguments containing metacharacters
              are quoted.

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       This manual page was written by Thomas Schoepf
       <schoepf@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be
       used by others).

       Report bugs at https://github.com/gwsw/less/issues.

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