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IPCMK(1)                      User Commands                     IPCMK(1)

NAME         top

       ipcmk - make various IPC resources

SYNOPSIS         top

       ipcmk [options]

DESCRIPTION         top

       ipcmk allows you to create System V inter-process communication
       (IPC) objects: shared memory segments, message queues, and
       semaphore arrays.

OPTIONS         top

       Resources can be specified with these options:

       -M, --shmem size
              Create a shared memory segment of size bytes.  The size
              argument may be followed by the multiplicative suffixes
              KiB (=1024), MiB (=1024*1024), and so on for GiB, etc.
              (the "iB" is optional, e.g., "K" has the same meaning as
              "KiB") or the suffixes KB (=1000), MB (=1000*1000), and so
              on for GB, etc.

       -Q, --queue
              Create a message queue.

       -S, --semaphore number
              Create a semaphore array with number of elements.

       Other options are:

       -p, --mode mode
              Access permissions for the resource.  Default is 0644.

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

AUTHORS         top

       Hayden A. James ⟨hayden.james@gmail.com⟩

SEE ALSO         top

       ipcrm(1), ipcs(1), sysvipc(7)

AVAILABILITY         top

       The ipcmk command is part of the util-linux package and is
       available from Linux Kernel Archive 

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util-linux                      July 2014                       IPCMK(1)

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