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DH_INSTALLDEBCONF(1)            Debhelper           DH_INSTALLDEBCONF(1)

NAME         top

       dh_installdebconf - install files used by debconf in package
       build directories

SYNOPSIS         top

       dh_installdebconf [debhelper options] [-n] [-- params]

DESCRIPTION         top

       dh_installdebconf is a debhelper program that is responsible for
       installing files used by debconf into package build directories.

       It also automatically generates the postrm commands needed to
       interface with debconf. The commands are added to the maintainer
       scripts by dh_installdeb. See dh_installdeb(1) for an explanation
       of how that works.

       Note that if you use debconf, your package probably needs to
       depend on it (it will be added to ${misc:Depends} by this

       Note that for your config script to be called by dpkg, your
       postinst needs to source debconf's confmodule. dh_installdebconf
       does not install this statement into the postinst automatically
       as it is too hard to do it right.

FILES         top

           This is the debconf config script, and is installed into the
           DEBIAN directory in the package build directory.

           Inside the script, the token #DEBHELPER# is replaced with
           shell script snippets generated by other debhelper commands.

           This is the debconf templates file, and is installed into the
           DEBIAN directory in the package build directory.

           If this directory is present, this program will automatically
           use po2debconf(1) to generate merged templates files that
           include the translations from there.

           For this to work, your package should build-depend on po-

OPTIONS         top

       -n, --no-scripts
           Do not modify postrm script.

       -- params
           Pass the params to po2debconf.

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       This program is a part of debhelper.

AUTHOR         top

       Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>

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13.0.1                         2020-05-16           DH_INSTALLDEBCONF(1)

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