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cgcc(1)                  General Commands Manual                 cgcc(1)

NAME         top

       cgcc - Compiler wrapper to run Sparse after compiling

SYNOPSIS         top

       make CC=cgcc

DESCRIPTION         top

       cgcc provides a wrapper around a C compiler (cc by default) which
       also invokes the Sparse static analysis tool.

       cgcc accepts all Sparse command-line options, such as warning
       options, and passes all other options through to the compiler.

       By providing the same interface as the C compiler, cgcc allows
       projects to run Sparse as part of their build without modifying
       their build system, by using cgcc as the compiler.  For many
       projects, setting CC=cgcc on the make command-line will work.

ENVIRONMENT         top

              If set, cgcc will use this as the compiler to invoke,
              rather than the default cc.

       CHECK  If set, cgcc will use this as the Sparse program to
              invoke, rather than the default sparse.

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