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ARIA_S3_COPY(1)               User Commands              ARIA_S3_COPY(1)

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       aria_s3_copy - Copy an Aria table to and from s3

DESCRIPTION         top

       Usage: aria_s3_copy --aws-access-key=# --aws-secret-access-key=#
       --aws-region=# --op=(from_s3 | to_s3 | delete_from_s3) [OPTIONS]

       -?, -h, --help
              Display help and exit.

       -k, --s3-access-key=name
              AWS access key ID

       -r, -s3-region=name
              AWS region

       -K, -s3-secret-key=name
              AWS secret access key ID

       -b, -s3-bucket=name
              AWS prefix for tables

       -h, -s3-host-name=name
              Host name to S3 provider

       -c, -compress
              Use compression

       -o, -op=name
              Operation to execute. One of 'from_s3', 'to_s3' or

       -d, -database=name
              Database for copied table (second prefix). If not given,
              the directory of the table file is used

       -B, -s3-block-size=#
              Block size for data/index blocks in s3

       -L, -s3-protocol-version=name
              Protocol used to communication with S3. One of "Auto",
              "Amazon" or "Original".

       -f, -force
              Force copy even if target exists

       -V, -version
              Print version and exit.

              Output debug log from marias3 to stdout

       -v, --verbose
              Be verbose.

       For more information, please refer to the MariaDB Knowledge Base

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aria_s3_copy Ver 1.0            June 2020                ARIA_S3_COPY(1)