LOCALECONV(3)             Linux Programmer's Manual            LOCALECONV(3)

NAME         top

       localeconv - get numeric formatting information

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <locale.h>

       struct lconv *localeconv(void);

DESCRIPTION         top

       The localeconv() function returns a pointer to a struct lconv for the
       current locale.  This structure is shown in locale(7), and contains
       all values associated with the locale categories LC_NUMERIC and
       LC_MONETARY.  Programs may also use the functions printf(3) and
       strfmon(3), which behave according to the actual locale in use.

RETURN VALUE         top

       The localeconv() function returns a pointer to a filled in struct
       lconv.  This structure may be (in glibc, is) statically allocated,
       and may be overwritten by subsequent calls.  According to POSIX, the
       caller should not modify the contents of this structure.  The
       localeconv() function always succeeds.

ATTRIBUTES         top

       For an explanation of the terms used in this section, see

       │Interface    Attribute     Value                            │
       │localeconv() │ Thread safety │ MT-Unsafe race:localeconv locale │

CONFORMING TO         top

       C89, C99.

BUGS         top

       The printf(3) family of functions may or may not honor the current

SEE ALSO         top

       locale(1), localedef(1), isalpha(3), nl_langinfo(3), setlocale(3),
       strcoll(3), strftime(3), locale(7)

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       description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the
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Pages that refer to this page: localedef(1)nl_langinfo(3)setlocale(3)locale(5)locale(7)