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       reset - reset the terminal

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       reset calls tput(1) with the clear, rmacs, rmm, rmul, rs1, rs2, and
       rs3 arguments.  This causes tput to send appropriate reset strings to
       the terminal based on information in /etc/termcap (for the GNU or BSD
       tput) or in the terminfo database (for the ncurses tput).  This
       sequence seems to be sufficient to reset a Linux VC when it starts
       printing "funny-looking" characters.  For good measure, stty(1) is
       called with the sane argument in an attempt to get cooked mode back.

SEE ALSO         top

       clear(1), stty(1), tput(1)

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       Rik Faith (

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       The reset command is part of the util-linux package and is available

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util-linux                      October 1993                        RESET(1)

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