GIT-STRIPSPACE(1)                Git Manual                GIT-STRIPSPACE(1)

NAME         top

       git-stripspace - Remove unnecessary whitespace

SYNOPSIS         top

       git stripspace [-s | --strip-comments]
       git stripspace [-c | --comment-lines]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Read text, such as commit messages, notes, tags and branch
       descriptions, from the standard input and clean it in the manner used
       by Git.

       With no arguments, this will:

       ·   remove trailing whitespace from all lines

       ·   collapse multiple consecutive empty lines into one empty line

       ·   remove empty lines from the beginning and end of the input

       ·   add a missing \n to the last line if necessary.

       In the case where the input consists entirely of whitespace
       characters, no output will be produced.

       NOTE: This is intended for cleaning metadata, prefer the
       --whitespace=fix mode of git-apply(1) for correcting whitespace of
       patches or files in the repository.

OPTIONS         top

       -s, --strip-comments
           Skip and remove all lines starting with comment character
           (default #).

       -c, --comment-lines
           Prepend comment character and blank to each line. Lines will
           automatically be terminated with a newline. On empty lines, only
           the comment character will be prepended.

EXAMPLES         top

       Given the following noisy input with $ indicating the end of a line:

           |A brief introduction   $
           |   $
           |A new paragraph$
           |# with a commented-out line    $
           |explaining lots of stuff.$
           |# An old paragraph, also commented-out. $
           |      $
           |The end.$
           |  $

       Use git stripspace with no arguments to obtain:

           |A brief introduction$
           |A new paragraph$
           |# with a commented-out line$
           |explaining lots of stuff.$
           |# An old paragraph, also commented-out.$
           |The end.$

       Use git stripspace --strip-comments to obtain:

           |A brief introduction$
           |A new paragraph$
           |explaining lots of stuff.$
           |The end.$

GIT         top

       Part of the git(1) suite

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