BABELTRACE2(1)                Babeltrace manual               BABELTRACE2(1)

NAME         top

       babeltrace2 - Convert or process one or more traces, and more

SYNOPSIS         top

       babeltrace2 [--debug | --verbose | --log-level=LVL] [CMD] [CMD ARGS]

DESCRIPTION         top

       babeltrace2 is an open-source trace converter and processor. The tool
       can convert from one trace format to another, possibly with one or
       more filters in the conversion path, and perform other operations
       depending on the command CMD.

       See babeltrace2-intro(7) to learn more about the Babeltrace project
       and its core concepts.

       Most of the babeltrace2 commands load Babeltrace plugins to perform
       their operation. The search path for Babeltrace plugins is, in this

        1. The colon-separated list of directories in the
           BABELTRACE_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable.

        2. The colon-separated list of directories in the specific command’s
           --plugin-path option.

        3. $HOME/.local/lib/babeltrace2/plugins

        4. /usr/local/lib/babeltrace2/plugins

       You can use the babeltrace2-list-plugins(1) command to dynamically
       list the available plugins and what they offer. See PLUGINS for a
       list of plugins shipped with Babeltrace.

OPTIONS         top

       -d, --debug
           Turn the debugging mode on.

           This is equivalent to --log-level=TRACE.

       -l LVL, --log-level=LVL
           Set the log level of all known Babeltrace loggers to LVL. You can
           override the level of a specific logger with a dedicated log
           level environment variable. If you don’t specify this option, it
           is equivalent to --log-level=WARNING.

           The available values for LVL are:

           NONE, N
               Logging is disabled.

           FATAL, F
               Severe errors that lead the execution to abort immediately.
               This level should be enabled in production.

           ERROR, E
               Errors that might still allow the execution to continue.
               Usually, once one or more errors are reported at this level,
               the application, plugin, or library won’t perform any more
               useful task, but it should still exit cleanly. This level
               should be enabled in production.

           WARN, WARNING, W
               Potentially harmful situations which still allow the
               execution to continue. This level should be enabled in

           INFO, I
               Informational messages that highlight progress or important
               states of the application, plugin, or library. This level can
               be enabled in production.

           DEBUG, D
               Debugging information, with a higher level of details than
               the TRACE level. This level should NOT be enabled in

           TRACE, T
               Low-level debugging context information. This level should
               NOT be enabled in production.

       -v, --verbose
           Turn the verbose mode on.

           This is equivalent to --log-level=INFO.

       -h, --help
           Show help and quit.

       -V, --version
           Show version and quit.

COMMANDS         top

       The following commands also have their own --help option.

           Build a trace conversion graph and run it.

           This is the default command: you don’t need to explicitly specify
           this command name to use it.

           Get help for a specific plugin or plugin’s component class.

           List the available Babeltrace plugins and their component

           Query an object from a component class.

           Build a trace processing graph and run it.

PLUGINS         top

       The following plugins are provided by the Babeltrace project itself:

           CTF trace input (from the file system and from the LTTng-live
           protocol) and output to the file system.

           ·   babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-source.ctf.fs(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-source.ctf.lttng-live(7)

           Processing graph utilities for LTTng traces.

           ·   babeltrace2-filter.lttng-utils.debug-info(7)

           Text input and output.

           ·   babeltrace2-sink.text.pretty(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-source.text.dmesg(7)

           Processing graph utilities.

           ·   babeltrace2-filter.utils.muxer(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-filter.utils.trimmer(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-sink.utils.counter(7)

           ·   babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy(7)


   Babeltrace library
           Common functions’s log level. The available values are the same
           as for the --log-level option of babeltrace2(1).

           Compatibility functions’s log level. The available values are the
           same as for the --log-level option of babeltrace2(1).

           Force the terminal color support. The available values are:

               Only emit terminal color codes when the standard output and
               error streams are connected to a color-capable terminal.

               Never emit terminal color codes.

               Always emit terminal color codes.

           Set to 1 to disable the loading of any Babeltrace Python plugin.

           Babeltrace library’s global log level. The available values are
           the same as for the --log-level option of babeltrace2(1)

           Set to 1 to make the Babeltrace library leave any dynamically
           loaded modules (plugins and Python plugin provider) open at exit.
           This can be useful for debugging purposes.

           Colon-separated list of directories, in order, in which dynamic
           plugins can be found before other directories are considered.

   Python plugin provider
           Python plugin provider’s log level. The available values are the
           same as for the --log-level option of babeltrace2(1).

           babeltrace2 CLI’s log level. The available values are the same as
           for the --log-level option.

           Set to 0 to disable the warning message which babeltrace2 prints
           when you convert a trace with a relative path that’s also the
           name of a babeltrace2 command.

FILES         top

           User plugin directory.

           System plugin directory.

EXIT STATUS         top

       0 on success, 1 otherwise.

BUGS         top

       If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it on
       the Babeltrace bug tracker (see

RESOURCES         top

       The Babeltrace project shares some communication channels with the
       LTTng project (see <>).

       ·   Babeltrace website (see <>)

       ·   Git repository (see

       ·   EfficiOS GitHub organization (see <>)

       ·   Continuous integration (see

       ·   Mailing list (see <>) for support and

       ·   IRC channel (see <irc://>): #lttng on

AUTHORS         top

       The Babeltrace project is the result of efforts by many regular
       developers and occasional contributors.

       The current project maintainer is Jérémie Galarneau

COPYRIGHT         top

       This program is part of the Babeltrace project.

       Babeltrace is distributed under the MIT license (see

SEE ALSO         top

       babeltrace2-convert(1), babeltrace2-help(1),
       babeltrace2-list-plugins(1), babeltrace2-query(1),
       babeltrace2-run(1), babeltrace2-intro(7)

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