Purchasing "The Linux Programming Interface"

Purchasing from the publisher

You can order the paper version of TLPI from No Starch Press at a 30% discount (i.e., US$70 + shipping), and receive the ebook free.

To obtain the discount (and free ebook), you must buy TLPI direct from the publisher's web site, and quote the coupon code Mamaku (what's that?).

No Starch Press is located in San Francisco, so international shipping rates will apply for readers outside North America.

Online bookstores

You can order the book online at:

No Starch Press (see discount offer details above)

amazon.com   amazon.co.uk   amazon.de   amazon.ca   amazon.fr   amazon.it  
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Barnes and Noble


TLPI is available for sale in various ebook formats, including PDF, MOBI, EPUB, and Kindle.