The Linux Programming Interface as a university course text

Although I didn't specifically target TLPI at the university market as I wrote it, by now I've had emails from a number of university teachers who are using TLPI as a required text or as recommended reading for courses on Linux or UNIX system programming.

I'm very interested to find out more details about the use of TLPI in university courses, with the idea in mind of improving a future edition of the book for use in that market. If you are a university teacher using TLPI as a course book, please drop me a mail to let me know. In particular, I'd be interested in your answers to as many of the following questions as possible:

  1. What is the name and URL of your institution?
  2. Can you send me / point me at an outline of the course in which TLPI is being used?
  3. At what level is the course? (e.g., 3rd year, 4th year, etc.)
  4. How many students are in the course?
  5. Is TLPI being used as a required text, or as recommended reading?
  6. In your opinion, how could TLPI be improved for use as a university course book? (The more you have to say here, the better!)