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Linux and UNIX programming training and consulting by Michael Kerrisk

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Training courses

The following courses are all available for onsite delivery, and in some cases are scheduled as public courses.

Course name Duration Course code   Next public courses
Linux/UNIX System Programming 5 days M7D-SP01 Outline  
Linux Security and Isolation APIs 4 days M7D-SECISOL02 Outline  
Building and Using Shared Libraries on Linux 1 day M7D-SHLIB01 Outline  
Linux/UNIX System Programming Fundamentals 2 days M7D-SPINTRO01 Outline  
Linux/UNIX IPC Programming 2 days M7D-IPC01 Outline  
Linux Control Groups (Cgroups) 1 day M7D-CGROUPS01 Outline  
Linux Capabilities and Namespaces 2 days M7D-CAPNS01 Outline  
System Programming for Linux Containers 5 days M7D-SPLC02 Outline  
Linux/UNIX Network Programming 3 days M7D-NWP01 Outline  
POSIX Threads Programming 1 day M7D-PTHR01 Outline  

Tailored versions of the above courses are also available for courses delivered onsite. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

About the trainer

Michael Kerrisk After focusing on programming and writing in more recent years, I am now once more conducting frequent training courses on Linux/UNIX system programming and a number of related low-level programming topics that are of particular relevance for developers of low-level user-space applications in domains ranging from embedded to enterprise server systems. The emphasis of my courses is on providing deep conceptual understanding coupled with intensive in-class practical work.

I work closely with my customers, providing personalized assessment of their training needs, and where necessary customizing my courses to those needs. My customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational companies and governments. Past customers include Google, IBM, BMW, Axis Communications, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Container Solutions, and the French and British governments. (References from past and current customers are available upon request.)

I have a unique set of qualifications and experience that ensure course participants receive training of a very high standard:

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I provide consulting expertise in the same areas as the courses listed above. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and my consulting rates.


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