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       systemd-sysv-generator - Unit generator for SysV init scripts

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       systemd-sysv-generator is a generator that creates wrapper .service
       units for SysV init[1] scripts in /etc/init.d/* at boot and when
       configuration of the system manager is reloaded. This will allow
       systemd(1) to support them similarly to native units.

       LSB headers[2] in SysV init scripts are interpreted, and the ordering
       specified in the header is turned into dependencies between the
       generated unit and other units. The LSB facilities "$remote_fs",
       "$network", "$named", "$portmap", "$time" are supported and will be
       turned into dependencies on specific native systemd targets. See
       systemd.special(5) for more details.

       SysV runlevels have corresponding systemd targets (
       The wrapper unit that is generated will be wanted by those targets
       which correspond to runlevels for which the script is enabled.

       systemd does not support SysV scripts as part of early boot, so all
       wrapper units are ordered after

       systemd-sysv-generator implements systemd.generator(7).

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       systemd(1), systemd.service(5),

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        1. SysV init

        2. LSB headers

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