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       systemd-hibernate-resume@.service, systemd-hibernate-resume - Resume
       from hibernation

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       systemd-hibernate-resume@.service initiates the resume from
       hibernation. It is instantiated with the device to resume from as the
       template argument.

       systemd-hibernate-resume only supports the in-kernel hibernation
       implementation, known as swsusp[1]. Internally, it works by writing
       the major:minor of specified device node to /sys/power/resume.

       Failing to initiate a resume is not an error condition. It may mean
       that there was no resume image (e. g. if the system has been simply
       powered off and not hibernated). In such case, the boot is ordinarily

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       systemd(1), systemd-hibernate-resume-generator(8)

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        1. swsusp

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