SETVTRGB(8)                System Manager's Manual               SETVTRGB(8)

NAME         top

       setvtrgb - set the virtual terminal RGB colors

SYNOPSIS         top

       setvtrgb -h|-V|vga|FILE|-

DESCRIPTION         top

       The setvtrgb command takes a single argument, either the string vga ,
       or a path to a file containing the red, green, and blue colors to be
       used by the Linux virtual terminals.

       If you use the FILE parameter, FILE should be exactly 3 lines of 16
       comma-separated decimal values for RED, GREEN, and BLUE.

       To seed a valid FILE :
              cat /sys/module/vt/parameters/default_{red,grn,blu} > FILE

       And then edit the values in FILE

OTHER OPTIONS         top

       -h     Prints usage message and exits.

       -V     Prints version number and exists.

AUTHOR         top

       The utility is written by Alexey Gladkov, Seth Forshee, Dustin


       Documentation by Dustin Kirkland.

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Set Virtual Terminal RGB Colors  3 Mar 2011                      SETVTRGB(8)