sepolicy-manpage(8)                                      sepolicy-manpage(8)

NAME         top

       sepolicy-manpage - Generate a man page based on the installed SELinux

SYNOPSIS         top

       sepolicy manpage [-w] [-h] [-p PATH ] [-r ROOTDIR ] [-a | -d ]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Use sepolicy manpage to generate manpages based on SELinux Policy.

OPTIONS         top

       -a, --all
              Generate Man Pages for All Domains

       -d, --domain
              Generate a Man Page for the specified domain. (Supports
              multiple commands)

       -h, --help
              Display help message

       -p, --path
              Specify the directory to store the created man pages. (Default
              to /tmp)

       -r, --root
              Specify alternate root directory to generate man pages from.
              (Default to /)

       -w, --web
              Generate an additional HTML man pages for the specified

AUTHOR         top

       This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <>

SEE ALSO         top

       sepolicy(8), selinux(8)

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       This page is part of the selinux (Security-Enhanced Linux user-space
       libraries and tools) project.  Information about the project can be
       found at ⟨⟩.  If you
       have a bug report for this manual page, see 
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       page was obtained from the project's upstream Git repository 
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                                  20121005               sepolicy-manpage(8)

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