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NAME         top

       semodule_package - Create a SELinux policy module package.

SYNOPSIS         top

       semodule_package -o <output file> -m <module> [-f <file contexts>]

DESCRIPTION         top

       semodule_package is the tool used to create a SELinux policy module
       package from a binary policy module and optionally other data such as
       file contexts.  semodule_package packages binary policy modules
       created by checkmodule.  The policy package created by
       semodule_package can then be installed via semodule.

EXAMPLE         top

       # Build a policy package for a base module.
       $ semodule_package -o base.pp -m base.mod -f file_contexts
       # Build a policy package for a httpd module.
       $ semodule_package -o httpd.pp -m httpd.mod -f httpd.fc
       # Build a policy package for local TE rules and no file contexts.
       $ semodule_package -o local.pp -m local.mod

OPTIONS         top

       -o --outfile <output file>
              Policy module package file generated by this tool.

       -s --seuser <seuser file>
              seuser file to be included in the package.

       -u --user_extra <user extra file>
              user_extra file to be included in the package.

       -m --module <Module file>
              Policy module file to be included in the package.

       -f --fc <File context file>
              File contexts file for the module (optional).

       -n --nc <netfilter context file>
              netfilter context file to be included in the package.

SEE ALSO         top

       checkmodule(8), semodule(8), semodule_unpackage(8)

AUTHORS         top

       This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>.
       The program was written by Karl MacMillan <>

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