RUN_INIT(8)                          NSA                         RUN_INIT(8)

NAME         top

       run_init - run an init script in the proper SELinux context

SYNOPSIS         top

       run_init SCRIPT [[ARGS]...]

DESCRIPTION         top

       Run a init script under the proper context, which is specified in
       /etc/selinux/POLICYTYPE/contexts/initrc_context.  It is generally
       used interactively as it requires either shadow or PAM user
       authentication (depending on compile-time options).  It should be
       possible to configure PAM such that interactive input is not
       required.  Check your PAM documentation.

FILES         top

       /etc/passwd - user account information
       /etc/shadow - encrypted passwords and age information
       /etc/selinux/POLICYTYPE/contexts/initrc_context - contains the
       context to run init scripts under

SEE ALSO         top

       newrole(1), runcon(1)

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       Wayne Salamon (
       Dan Walsh (

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