MKLOST+FOUND(8)            System Manager's Manual           MKLOST+FOUND(8)

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       mklost+found  - create a lost+found directory on a mounted Linux sec‐
       ond extended file system

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DESCRIPTION         top

       mklost+found is used to create a lost+found directory in the current
       working directory on a Linux second extended file system.  There is
       normally a lost+found directory in the root directory of each

       mklost+found pre-allocates disk blocks to the lost+found directory so
       that when e2fsck(8) is being run to recover a filesystem, it does not
       need to allocate blocks in the filesystem to store a large number of
       unlinked files.  This ensures that e2fsck will not have to allocate
       data blocks in the filesystem during recovery.

OPTIONS         top

       There are none.

AUTHOR         top

       mklost+found has been written by Remy Card <>.  It
       is currently being maintained by Theodore Ts'o <>.

BUGS         top

       There are none :-)

AVAILABILITY         top

       mklost+found is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from

SEE ALSO         top

       e2fsck(8), mke2fs(8)

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E2fsprogs version 1.43.6         August 2017                 MKLOST+FOUND(8)